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Ruwena Healy CEO of Marketing 24/7 is an author of many articles.  Below is a representative list of those articles.  We hope you enjoy reading them.

5 Tips to Make Your Website a Living, Breathing Document

Birmingham Business Journal - January 2013

These are the times of constantly changing information, relayed to us through tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams and texts, all funneled to our brains through smartphones and mobile tablets.


Advancing Your LinkedIn Experience Can Mean Big Business Changes

MasterMarketing247.com – June 2012

Giving your LinkedIn profile just a little more TLC will mean big benefits for you, your business or organization. It’s worth the commitment to this social media tool for business professionals.


10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Birmingham Business Journal, June 27, 2012

Sure, everybody has a LinkedIn profile, but most people are not using or are completely unaware how to use the site to its fullest.  Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your profile.


Top 10 Tips to Tackle Your LinkedIn Profile

MasterMarketing247.com – June 2012

I find that LinkedIn is one of our most underutilized sites for business professionals. Sure, everybody has a LinkedIn profile, but most people are not using or are completely unaware how to use the site to its fullest.  So in order to encourage all of you to be more aggressive with all that LinkedIn offers, here are my TOP 10 TIPS to tackling your profile.

Memorandum:  Importance of Serving as a Business Mentor

The Birmingham News and Alabama Business News – May 31, 2012

With the graduation season coming to a close and a surge of new young professionals preparing to enter the workforce, it is an important time to consider the importance of serving as a business mentor.


Motivated to Mentor

MasterMarketing247.com - April 2012

As part of the effort to promote mutual understanding among cultures, the Birmingham International Center sponsors International Women’s Day, a global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women.

How a strong Facebook fan page can benefit your small business

The Birmingham Business Journal - February 24, 2012

What do you “like” these days? If you’re a Facebook user, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Every business on Facebook covets the precious “like” button. But getting Facebook users to quickly click the button can be a baffling process.

The Power of Personal Branding

Master Marketing 24/7 - February 2012

One of the most powerful and readily available tools to market your company is personal branding. Actors and actresses learned long ago that publicity designed to create a certain image in the public’s mind would lead them to greater success in the entertainment industry. Stars with highly recognized personal brands soon became commercial spokespeople for services and products. Companies quickly recognized that when the public likes and admires the person advocating a product, they are more likely to purchase the product. Read full article.

Why Keeping Your Bio Current Counts

Master Marketing 24/7- December 10, 2011

In working with individuals and executives on their personal branding, the first step is often to draft and create a well-written, solid biography that meets the needs of their target audience. Read full article.

Art of Presenter Introductions

MasterMarketing247.com - October 2011

I’ve heard great speakers over the years. But what is most disappointing is when a great speaker is introduced in a way that is a let-down. You know what I mean; you’ve all heard it before. Read this article to not fall into this trap.

Network Your Way Through Crisis: A Social Media Plan That Works

PR News' 2011 Crisis Management Guidebook - October 19, 2011

PR News’ Crisis Management Guidebook, Vol. 5 will give you the tools you need to rewrite your crisis plans now and meet these challenges. The crisis experts who present their hard-earned wisdom in these pages offer you a step-by-step action plan for getting through the first hour of a crisis, tips for crafting messages under pressure, insight into dealing with violence in the workplace, advice on Organizations and providers of products and services have been at risk of reputational crises ever since the first enterprising caveman/woman began trading animal pelts for berries. The lessons in preparing for and managing risk have since been handed down through the centuries, and have been refined by today’s PR professionals, whose distilled wisdom PR News has presented in four editions of its Crisis Management Guidebook.

Chapters Include:

Media Relations
Internal Communications
Reputation Management
Issues Management
Digital Communications
Litigation PR
The Crisis Plan

There's never enough time, but make time to laugh

The Birmingham News - May 12, 2011

Enjoy the little things life has to offer and spend more time with family and friends.


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